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Chapter 3 – One-Variable Statistics

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Unit 3 Outline (Updated  Oct.19, 2017)


Word Wall (for this Unit) 


     Thurs. Oct.5, 2017          3.1_1 Sampling Techniques (Day1)                                                                         (3.1_1 completed lesson-Oct.5

     Fri. Oct.6, 2017               3.1_2 Sampling Techniques (Day2)_Creating a Stratified Sample                          (3.1_2 completed lesson-Oct.6


     Mon. Oct.9, 2017           Thanksgiving Day

     Tues. Oct.10, 2017         3.2 Bias in Data                                                                                                        (3.2 completed lesson-Oct.10

     Wed. Oct.11, 2017         3.3_1 Display Data  (Day1)                                                                                      (3.3_1 completed lesson-Oct.11) 

     Thurs. Oct.12, 2017        In- class AssignmentSampling Techniques                                     

     Fri. Oct.13, 2017             3.3_1 Display Data  (Day2)  In-class Chromebook Assignment                           (3.3_2 completed lesson-Oct.13) 


     Mon. Oct.16, 2017           3.4_1 Measures of Central Tendency (Day1)                                                         (3.4_1 completed lesson-Oct.16) 

     Tues. Oct.17, 2017           3.4_2 Measures of Central Tendency (Day2)                                                         (3.4_2 completed lesson-Oct.17)   

     Wed. Oct.18, 2017           3.5_1 Measures of Spread Part 1Standard Deviation and Variance (Day1)       (3.5_1 completed lesson-Oct.18)   

     Thurs. Oct.19, 2017          3.5_1 Measures of Spread Part 2Quartiles and Box-and-Whisker Plots)           (3.5_2 completed lesson-Oct.19)  

                                                   video link:  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/probability/descriptive-statistics/box-and-whisker-plots/v/reading-box-and-whisker-plots

     Fri. Oct.20, 2017               In-class  Assignment:  Standard Deviation and Variance   


     Mon. Oct.23, 2017           3.6 Common Distributions                                                                                   (3.6 completed lesson-Oct.23) 

     Tues. Oct.24, 2017           3.R_1 Unit Review                                                                                                 (3.R1 completed lesson-Oct.24)    

     Wed. Oct.25, 2017           3.R_2 Unit Review                                                                                                 (homework corrections #7,8,9-Oct.25)    

     Thurs. Oct.26, 2017          Begin Unit 4

     Fri. Oct.27, 2017               UNIT 3 SUMMATIVE 



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