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Chapters 4,5,7 Relations

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The Unit Outline for the Cycles is in our Google Classroom.


These three chapters will be completed within 4 cycles.  (Notation: Cycle 1_Day 1=C1_D1)


     Thurs. Oct.26, 2017     Begin Unit: C1_D1 What is a Relation?, Relation Tables                                                   (C1_D1 completed lesson-Oct.26)     

     Fri. Oct.27, 2017          UNIT 3 SUMMATIVE      


     Mon. Oct.30, 2017      C1_D2 Linear, Quadratic and Exponential and their Properties                                         (C1_D2 completed lesson-Oct.30) 

     Tues. Oct.31, 2017      C1_D3 Behaviour of Relations: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Growth and Decay   (C1_D3 completed lesson-Oct.31)    

     Wed. Nov.1, 2017       C1_D4 Exponent Laws (multiplying, dividing)                                                                    (C1_D4 completed lesson-Nov.1)    

     Thurs. Nov.2, 2017      C1_D5  Expanding Polynomials (a = 1), and Common Factoring                                       (C1_D5 completed lesson-Nov.2)    

     Fri. Nov.3, 2017           Begin Cycle 2: C2_D1 Vertical Translations of Quadratics and Exponentials                         (C2_D1 completed lesson-Nov.3)    



     Mon. Nov.6, 2017       Cycle 1 Summative C2_D2 Horizontal Translations of Quadratics                                       (C2_D2 completed lesson-Nov.6)

     Tues. Nov.7, 2017       C2_D3 Vertex to Standard Form                                                                                             (C2_D3 completed lesson-Nov.7)    

     Wed. Nov.8, 2017       C2_D4 Factoring Trinomials of the Form x2+bx+c                                                              (C2_D4 completed lesson-Nov.8)    

     Thurs. Nov.9, 2017      C2_D5 Factoring Practice                                                                                                       (C2_D5 corrected homework-Nov.9)    

     Fri. Nov.10, 2017         C2_D6 Exponent Laws (power of power, zero)                                                                      (C2_D6 completed lesson-Nov.10)    


     Mon. Nov.13 2017       C2_D7 Finding Zeros and Axis of Symmetry                                                                        (C2_D7 completed lesson-Nov.13)

     Tues. Nov.14, 2017      C3_D1 Graphing from Standard Form                                                                                  (C3_D1 completed lesson-Nov.14)    

     Wed. Nov.15, 2017      Cycle 2 Summative     

     Thurs. Nov.16, 2017     C3_D2 Graphing Stretches and Compressions                                                                     (C3_D2 completed lesson-Nov.16)    

     Fri. Nov.17, 2017         P.D. Day                                                         


     Mon. Nov.20,2017       C3_D3 Factoring Trinomials, Common First                                                                         (C3_D3 completed lesson-Nov.20)

     Tues. Nov.21, 2017      C3_D4 Graphing Quadratic Relations from Standard Form                                                 (C3_D4 completed lesson-Nov.21)    

     Wed. Nov.22, 2017      C3_D5 Finding the Equation of a Parabola                                                                          (C3_D5 completed lesson-Nov.22)    

     Thurs. Nov.23, 2017    C3_D6 Exponential Relations and Graphing                                                                         (C3_D6 completed lesson-Nov.23)    

     Fri. Nov.24, 2017         C3_D7 Exponent Laws (negative)                                                                                          (C3_D7 completed lesson-Nov.24)    


     Mon. Nov.27, 2017      C3_Review Day 1                                                                                                                 (C3_R1 Review and Worksheet info-Nov.27)    

     Tues. Nov.28, 2017      C3_Review Day 2                                                                                                                 (C3_R2 corrected homework-Nov.28)    

     Wed. Nov.29, 2017      Cycle 3 Summative     

     Thurs. Nov.30, 2017     C4_D1 Modelling Exponential Growth and Decay                                                             (C4_D1 completed lesson-Nov.30)    

     Fri. Dec.1, 2017            C4_D2 Solving Problems Involving Half-Life                                                                      (C4_D2 completed lesson-Dec.1)    


     Mon. Dec.4,2017       C4_D3 Max and Mins. of Quadratic Relations                                                                      (C4_D3 completed lesson-Dec.4)

                                                  Graphic Organizer for Quadratics (Place mat-completed version)

     Tues. Dec.5, 2017      C4_D4 Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Relations                                                      (C4_D4 completed lesson-Dec.5)    

     Wed. Dec.6, 2017      C4_Review Day 1                                                                                                                  (C4_R1 corrected homework-Dec.6)    

     Thurs. Dec.7, 2017    C4__Review Day 2                                                                                                                   (C4_R2 corrected homework-Dec.7)    

     Fri. Dec.8, 2017         Cycle 4 Summative                                                                                            




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