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Unit 5 - Rational Functions, Equations and Inequalities

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Unit 5 Homework Outline  (Draft Nov.1, 2018)                                  


     Thurs. Nov.1, 2018     5.1 Graphs of Reciprocal Functions                                    (5.1 completed lesson-Nov.1) 

     Fri. Nov.2, 2018          5.2 Exploring Quotients of Polynomial Functions               (5.2 completed lesson-Nov.2)    


     Mon. Nov.5, 2018      5.3 Graphs of Rational Functions                                        (5.3 completed lesson-Nov.5)

     Tues. Nov.6, 2018      5.4 Solving Rational Equations                                            (5.4 completed lesson-Nov.6)

     Wed. Nov.7, 2018      5.5 Solving Rational Inequalities                                         (5.5 completed lesson-updated-Nov.7) 

     Thurs. Nov.8, 2018     5.6 Rates of Change in Rational Functions                         (5.6 completed lesson-Nov.8)

                                                 Homework Worksheet 5.6:  Will be posted in our Google Classroom         

     Fri. Nov.9, 2018          Modelling AND “Learning without Consequences”           ("Rough Solutions" to Modelling)

                                                 Worksheets:  Will be posted in our Google Classroom       


     Mon. Nov.12, 2018     5.R1 Review Day 1                                                              (5.R1 corrected homework-Nov.12)

     Tues. Nov.13, 2018     5.R2 Review Day 2                                                              (5.R2 corrected homework-Nov.13)

     Wed. Nov.14, 2018     UNIT 5 SUMMATIVE 

     Thurs. Nov.15, 2018    Begin Unit 6: Trigonometric Functions

     Fri. Nov.16, 2018         P.D. Day 



older/previous semester stuff below


Unit 5 Homework Outline  (Draft Nov.1, 2017)                                  


     Thurs. Nov.2, 2017     5.1 Graphs of Reciprocal Functions                                    (5.1 completed lesson-Nov.2) 

     Fri. Nov.3, 2017         UNIT 4 SUMMATIVE


     Mon. Nov.6, 2017     5.2 Exploring Quotients of Polynomial Functions                (5.2 completed lesson-Nov.6)

     Tues. Nov.7, 2017     5.3 Graphs of Rational Functions                                         (5.3 completed lesson-Nov.7)

     Wed. Nov.8, 2017     5.4 Solving Rational Equations                                            (5.4 completed lesson-Nov.8)

     Thurs. Nov.9, 2017   5.5 Solving Rational Inequalities                                          (5.5 completed lesson-Nov.9) 

     Fri. Nov.10, 2017      5.6 Rates of Change in Rational Functions                          (5.6 completed lesson-Nov.10)

                                                       5.6 Worksheet Solutions


     Mon. Nov.13, 2017     Modelling AND “Learning without Consequences”           ("Rough Solutions" to Modelling)

     Tues. Nov.14, 2017     5.R1 Review Day 1                                                              (5.R1 corrected homework-Nov.14)

     Wed. Nov.15, 2017     5.R2 Review Day 2                                                              (5.R2 corrected homework-Nov.15)

     Thurs. Nov.16, 2017    UNIT 5 SUMMATIVE 

     Fri. Nov.17, 2017        P.D. Day 





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