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Welcome to Mr. Lowe's Online Classroom for Gr.11 Functions and Applications for Semester 2: February 2019


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Monday and Friday 11:50 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.


[I will also provide extra help each Tuesday and Thursday during the 2nd half of the lunch period (11:50 a.m.-12:15 p.m.)

in our classroom: Room 2602]


Don't forget that "KHANACADEMY" is an excellent FREE resource for video lessons and practice exercises.

You can also practise skills online at IXL  



Course Cover Sheet and Outline  (updated September 2019)         



MCF3MI      Functions & Applications                              The Quadratic Formula SONG

                                            Grade 11 University/College


Unit 0: Review of Essential Skills


Unit 1: Introduction to Quadratic Functions


Unit 2: The Algebra of Quadratic Expressions


Unit 3: Working with Quadratic Functions

          (Standard and Factored Forms)


Unit 4: Working with Quadratic Models

          (Standard and Vertex Forms)   (updated Oct. 22, 2019) 

Unit 5: Trigonometry and Acute Triangles  (Updated Nov. 6, 2019) 


Unit 6: Sinusoidal Functions   (updated Nov. 14, 2019) 


Unit 7: Exponential Functions  (updated Dec. 3, 2019) 


Unit 8: Solving Financial Problems Involving Exponential Functions  (updated May 27, 2018) 


Exam Review





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