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Unit 2 – Probability

Page history last edited by Mr. W. Lowe 3 years ago

Unit 2 Outline (Fall 2017-Draft)


     Wed. Sept.20, 2017       2.1 Probability Experiments                                                  (2.1 completed lesson-Sept.20)

     Thurs. Sept.21, 2017      UNIT 1 SUMMATIVE 

     Fri. Sept.22, 2017           P.D. Day


     Mon. Sept.25, 2017       Computer Assignment using Chromebooks-Experimental Probability of Winning     (2.1b completed lesson-Sept.25)

     Tues. Sept.26, 2017       2.2 Theoretical Probability                                                    (2.2 completed lesson-Sept.26)

     Wed. Sept.27, 2017       2.3 Compare Experimental and Theoretical Probability       (2.3 completed lesson-Sept.27)

     Thurs. Sept.28, 2017      2.4 Interpret Information Involving Probability                   (2.4 completed lesson-Sept.28) 

     Fri. Sept.29, 2017           In-class (Chromebook) Assignment: Probability and Statistics in the Media   (2.5 completed questions-Oct.2)


     Mon. Oct.2, 2017           Unit 2 Review    Corrected Work Oct.2

     Tues. Oct.3, 2017           Unit 2 Review     (SmartBoard Materials and Corrected Work-Oct.3)     

     Wed. Oct.4, 2017           UNIT 2 SUMMATIVE 

     Thurs. Oct.5, 2017          Begin Unit 3


older/previous semester stuff below


     Wed. Feb.22, 2017       2.1 Probability Experiments              (2.1 completed lesson-Feb.22)

     Thurs. Feb.23, 2017      UNIT 1 SUMMATIVE 

     Fri. Feb.24, 2017           Computer Lab-Experimental Probability of Winning


     Wed. Feb.27, 2017       2.2 Theoretical Probability                                                   (2.2 completed lesson-Feb.27)

     Tues. Feb.28, 2017       2.3 Compare Experimental and Theoretical Probability      (2.3 completed lesson-Feb.28)

     Wed. Mar.1, 2017        2.4 Interpret Information Involving Probability                    (2.4 completed lesson-Mar.1) 

     Thurs. Mar.2, 2017       In-class (computer lab) Assignment: Probability and Statistics in the Media   

     Fri. Mar.3, 2016            Unit 2 Review    Corrected Work Mar.3


 (Smartboard Materials-Mar.3)    


     Mon. Mar.6, 2016       Unit 2 Review     (Smartboard Materials-Mar.6)     

     Tues. Mar.7, 2016       UNIT 2 SUMMATIVE 

     Wed. Mar.8, 2016       Begin Unit 3


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