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Unit 3 – Geometric Properties

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Unit 3 Outline: Geometric Properties (Fall2016)


Tues. Oct. 11      3.1 Properties of Triangles: Investigate using Chromebook and GeoGebra

Wed. Oct. 12      3.2 Verify Properties of Triangles   (completed lesson-Oct 12)

Thurs. Oct. 13     3.3 Investigate Properties of Quadrilaterals   (Chromebook)
FriOct. 14          3.4 Verify Properties of Quadrilaterals   (completed lesson-Oct 14)


Mon. Oct. 17     3.5 Properties of Circles (Day1): Investigate using Chromebook and GeoGebra

Tues. Oct. 18     3.5 Properties of Circles (Day2)   (completed lesson-Oct 18)

Wed. Oct. 19     3.R Review (Day1)   (class notes-Oct 19)


Optional Enrichment (Oct.xx)       

          3.5_E Properties of Circles (Extra) (Solution to Question will be posted around Oct.19, 2016)

          3.5_E Properties of Circles (Extra Solution) (to be posted around Oct.20, 2016)


Key Concept Online Quizzes

Key Concept Quiz 3.1

Key Concept Quiz 3.2

Key Concept Quiz 3.3

Key Concept Quiz 3.4

Key Concept Quiz 3.5


Cram Card Website:     http://www.cram.com/flashcards/verifying-geometric-properties-7063920


Chapter 3 Study Quiz


Chapter 3 Properties Review (not Handed out) 



Older Stuff Below


Unit 3 Outline: Geometric Properties (Spring 2016)


Fri. Mar. 11          3.1 Investigate Properties of Triangles   (Computer Lab)

Mon. Mar. 21      3.2 Verify Properties of Triangles   (completed lesson-Mar 21)

Tues. Mar. 22      3.3 Investigate Properties of Quadrilaterals   (Computer Lab)
Wed. Mar. 23      3.4 Verify Properties of Quadrilaterals   (completed lesson-Mar 23)

Thurs. Mar. 24     Snow Day

Tues. Mar. 29      3.5 Properties of Circles (Day1)   (Computer Lab)

Wed. Mar. 30      3.5 Properties of Circles (Day2)   (completed lesson-Mar 30)


Fri. Apr. 1            3.R Review (Some homework solutions-Apr. 1)




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